Base Layers To Consider Before Your Next Ride

Four base layer options for a more enjoyable ride.

As seasons change, so does your attire. When the weather fluctuates up and down, it is up to you to dress accordingly. Fortunately, there is an industry full of great companies producing many base layer options to keep you comfortable, rain or shine. Multitudes of technical base layers are produced by dozens of motorcycle apparel companies and are engineered to react to the outside temperature as well as your body temperature. Purpose-based materials used to construct these products are more technical than a long-sleeve cotton T-shirt. Scientifically developed materials such as Lycra stretch spandex offers moisture-wicking solutions to keep you dry and comfortable until the day’s end.

Full-Body Comfort

Designed to keep riders cool and comfortable throughout the entirety of your ride.Amazon

Alpinestars is an industry leader in product innovation and continues to set new standards throughout its entire collection. The Alpinestars Ride Tech Summer Undersuit is a one-piece, full-body suit designed to keep the rider cool and comfortable even in the most demanding conditions. Trusted by top-level roadracing athletes, the Ride Tech Summer Undersuit was designed to be worn underneath a one-piece roadracing suit. However, this Alpinestars suit can be easily applied to other applications such as touring, commuting, and adventure riding. Strategically placed Lycra stretch spandex on the chest and back regions are combined with mesh ventilation and moisture-wicking fibers to regulate body temperature in hot conditions.

Cold-Weather Layer

This sporty undergarment comes in handy when the mercury drops.Amazon

This Alpinestars long-sleeve underwear provides coverage from your neck down to your hips. Designed with the motorcyclist in mind the material wicks away moisture while the double density fabric covers most of the exposed areas to keep you warmer on chilly morning rides. It is tightly fitting for muscle support and reducing fatigue, so the maker claims. 

Quick-Dry Option

An underlayer for ultimate comfort on and off the track.Amazon

Well known for its motorcycle suits, Cortech also provides consumers with a comfortable, lightweight undersuit. The Quick-Dry Air Undersuit is designed to be worn underneath a roadracing suit to create a comfortable layer between the rider and suit. Constructed with Quick-Dry antibacterial polyester tricot mesh, nylon, spandex, and flat-lock seams, this undersuit is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable lap after lap.