5 Motorcycle Gloves For Warm Weather

Our picks will keep your digits breezy without sacrificing protection.

Ventilated gloves
Hot-weather rides just met their match. Ventilated gloves can give you some relief from the heat without skimping on protection.Courtesy Roland Sands Designs

Struggling through the sweltering heat of a long 90-plus-degree multiday tour is enough to break even the crustiest Iron Butt veteran, but then those guys also know there’s a simple solution to mitigate the misery—just add a hole to any piece of moto gear to allow more air to flow over your skin, thereby adding an instant cooling effect. Problem is more holes usually mean less structural integrity and, very often, less protection. But there are options that combine cooling relief along with other convenient comfort and protective features like padding, reinforced inserts, and armor in crucial strike zones, along with handy adjustable closures. Many of us don’t realize just how many solid options there are, so chuck the fingerless ones you’re using; we’ve assembled several short-cuff variations for sport and urban types of riders.

D1 Short Glove

Dainese Carbon D1 Short Glove

Protection doesn’t take a back seat in the fully armored Carbon leather short gloves.Amazon

You might not get a monster blast of airflow from the Carbon D1′s perforations—they’re only located on the inner side of each finger—but these Dainese gloves compensate by offering race-level protection, with features like carbon knuckles and polyurethane inserts all wrapped in a comfortable yet stout goatskin and sheep leather chassis. An adjustable strap cinches them tight, and they’re certified to the CE Cat II standard.

SMX-1 Air Gloves

Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Gloves

A stylish short-cuff glove that utilizes primarily mesh and lightweight leather to promote airflow.Amazon

Take lightweight goat leather, add 3-D mesh body, cap it with a hard knuckle protector and reinforced palms, and you have the SMX-1, Alpinestars' breeze-enhancing choice for short warm-weather rides. The palm, outer thumb, and back of the hand also get an extra layer of EVA foam for additional impact resistance, and the lightweight, flexible construction gives great feel on the controls.

HDX 3 gloves

Cortech HDX 3

Comfortable mesh-biased warm-weather gloves with padding and protection.Amazon

There are less expensive mesh gloves in the Cortech portfolio, but we feel the HDX 3s carry the best combination of features and price point. The goatskin palm is matched by a nappa goatskin on the back of the hand, and spandex stretch finger panels allow for easy finger movement. Even the goatskin-reinforced fingertips are perforated so you get the benefit of airflow there as well. The leather in the thumb and forefinger is specially treated to allow operation of your mobile device too.

Elite 3

Tourmaster Summer Elite 3

Lightweight leather construction with perforations and reinforcement.Amazon

The Tourmaster Summer Elite 3 fit its name pretty well. The goatskin leather body holds down the fort while supple nappa leather on the back of the hand offers perforations and breathable stretch fourchettes, with a breathable mesh top panel teaming up for even more ventilation and flexibility. Light EVA foam padding in the palm damps vibrations, and there is touchscreen-compatible conductive goatskin leather on the thumb and index finger so you can swipe to your heart's delight.

Wellington Gloves

Roland Sands Wellington Gloves

Classically simple leather work glove styling with motorcycle-friendly features and ventilation.Amazon

Roland Sands seems to have a knack for combining style with substance, and the Wellington gloves are a solid example of a classic form getting a motorcycle-biased update. The RSD Wellington Gloves get full-grain leather construction, but add perforations to the back and to the reinforced leather palm. No fussy closures here; these mitts get a simple elasticized opening for easy on and off, so they’re great for hot rides on the highway or short hops around town.