5 Motorcycle Cleaners We Love

Looking to get your cycle spick-and-span? These products can help.

Wizard Cleaners polisher
Washing your bike can be a total bore, but with the right cleaners in hand you’ll streamline the process. Mostly, anyway.Courtesy Wizards Products

Depending on your personality type, the act of cleaning your motorcycle can be seen in a couple of different ways: It’s either a thankless chore or a semi-pleasant, Zen-like experience. Whichever one you happen to embrace, the whole shine and ride exercise is still a good opportunity to thoroughly inspect your machine while getting that coveted new vehicle sparkle.

But your machine is made up of all kinds of different materials, and while general-purpose cleaners are fine for quick cleanups after a day of riding, you might want to bust out the specialty goods for certain jobs. Here are some faves to get your rig from shoddy to shiny.

Motorcycle Care Kit

Meguiar’s Motorcycle Care Kit

A seven-piece kit to handle all your moto cleaning needs at a nice price.Amazon

Another big name in the surface-shining game is Meguiar's, which gives you everything you need to spiff up every surface on your bike, whether it's paint, plastic, leather, or metal. This convenient seven-piece kit pulls together a 16-ounce spray bottle of EZ Clean Spray & Rinse, an 8-ounce spray bottle of Detailer Mist & Wipe, 6-ounce bottle of Liquid Wax, 6-ounce bottle of Leather Cleaner/Conditioner, 6 ounces of All Metal Polish, Plastic Cleaner/Polish, and even a microfiber towel.

Care Duo Kit

Muc-Off Motorcycle Care Duo Kit

Muc-Off’s products are biodegradable, so feel free to scrub away without harming the Earth.Muc-Off

Born in the mountain bike world, Muc-Off has since garnered plenty of notice with its biodegradable motorcycle cleaning products too. The Motorcycle Care Duo Kit gives you an easy and guilt-free way to clean your ride sans environmentally unsafe chemicals with the Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner to cut through dirt and grime, and the Muc-Off Motorcycle Protectant to leave a non-sticky layer of protective PTFE to combat rust and corrosion, thus setting up a more manageable future cleaning sesh.

Motorcycle Detailing Kit

S100 12000C Motorcycle Detailing Kit

A cleaner, detailer, and a protectant, all in one kit.S100

One of the better-known and -respected names in motorcycle cleaning biz is S100, coming to your filth-laden rig's rescue with the 12000C Motorcycle Detailing Kit. The whole kit and kaboodle comes with a big bottle of the excellent S100 Total Cycle Cleaner (developed especially for bikes), plus travel sizes of Corrosion Protectant, Finish Restorer, and Detail + Wax. Toss in a Super-Absorbing Drying Towel and sponge, pack it all up in a handy storage case, and off you go.

Motorcycle Detailing Kit

Chemical Guys HOL148 Complete Motorcycle Detailing Kit

A huge variety of cleaners, polishes and protectants.Amazon

Chemical Guys has made things exceedingly simple with this 16-pack of various cleaners, which also happen to be convenient for touring. Although you get 10 distinct products, they're packaged in compact 4-ounce bottles, weighing only about 3 pounds in total. You'll find the Full Cycle Wash + Wax; Lanesplitter Hybrid Detailer; Apex Wheel Cleaner; Gearhead Cleaner + Degreaser; Rebound Scratch + Swirl Polish; Moto Leather Cleaner + Protectant; Clear Vision Helmet Cleaner; Moto Armor VRP Protectant; Moto Metal Metal Polish; and Redline Hyper Seal, to cover all your motorcycle cleaning, polishing, waxing, and protecting needs.

Clear Coat

Motul Shine And Go Clear Coat

A handy spray geared toward reviving the plastic surfaces on your bike.Amazon

Motul also traffics in a wide variety of bike cleaning products, but we chose this clear coat spray for a great option to punch up the faded or dirty color of your bike’s paint and plastic. The Shine and Go lays down a dry film of protection that prevents dust and dirt from sticking on sprayed surfaces, which minimizes cleaning effort and leaves you with a beautiful shine. The 13-ounce bottle leaves a long-lasting, nonstick layer on fairings, fenders, and mirrors for a quick spit shine.