5 Helmets Seen At The 2017 AIMExpo with the Best Modern Graphics

Modern designs on some of today’s top lids.

We love kit. And nothing goes with a cool bike like a cool helmet. Whether it’s going to a trackday with a race replica Arai or grabbing a coffee and wearing a retro-inspired lid with paint that Gram Parsons would probably dig, we like them all. For the race fan taken with today’s modern, flouro-Technicolor schemes, these five graphics packages are sure to please.

Shoei RF-1200 in Marquez Power Up TC-1

One of the more attractive Marquez replicas, if you ask us. The red power button mock-up on top is typical Marquez: you don’t have to push his buttons too hard for him to really go… MSRP: $627Seth Richards

Shoei X-Fourteen in Brink TC-10 Graphics

Vale Yellow on a Shoei? Why not. The Brink TC-10 makes a compelling argument. Bold for sure, but the color palette is especially appealing in person. MSRP: $860Seth Richards

Arai Corsair-X in Ghost Blue

Superleggera-like red and a complementary blue make for a fetching design. MSRP: $980Seth Richards

Bell RS-2 in Gloss Hi-Viz Yellow/Navy/Red Empire

A brightly-colored, somewhat tribal design is sure to stand out. MSRP: $299.95.Seth Richards

Simpson Ghost Bandit in Carbon Fiber

The absence of graphics would typically disqualify this helmet from the list, but carbon is so beautiful on it’s own, it would be a shame to cover it up. And the Ghost Bandit’s more aerodynamic signature shape looks great pressed in carbon. MSRP: $650Seth Richards