4 Great Dirt Bike Grips

Options for the most important touch point of your motorcycle.

Dirt bike grips are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to personalize your ride. While sometimes chosen for color and style, these purpose-built products have more to do with rider control than anything else. With different compounds and patterns, dirt bike grips are designed to be tailored to a certain preference. Holding on to the handlebar comfortably is crucial when putting down fast lap times. Top-level riders have been known to have grips designed specially to their requirements. For instance, Ken Roczen uses a thicker grip for his left hand to account for his devastating arm injury sustained in the 2017 Supercross season. Innovative features such as the “Lock-On” system, designed for quick and effortless installation, have become more popular in recent years over the traditional glued method. Grip patterns, thickness, colors, and durometer (or hardness) vary wildly in grip designs, making for a multitude of choices.

Here are a handful of options for your dirt bike.

Half-Waffle MX V2

ODI Half-Waffle MX V2 Lock-On Grips

ODI’s “100 percent slip-free performance” guarantee is secured by a small hex-head fastener and clamping ring on each grip, hence the name “Lock-On.”Amazon

It's no secret ODI has been a leader in dirt bike grips for many years. The brand sponsors top teams such as the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM team, Star Racing Yamaha team, and brand ambassador Jeff Emig. Emig, 1997 Supercross champion, has his own line of ODI MX V2 Lock-On Grips. Designed with a throttle tube and snap-on throttle cams compatible with nearly every make and model, the ODI MX V2 Lock-On Grips are extremely user-friendly. For enduro riders, the ODI MX V2 Lock-On Grips also comes featured with Knockout Ends to accommodate wraparound hand guards.

Motocross Grip

Renthal Firm-Compound Motocross Grip

Renthal offers three compounds on most of its grip patterns: soft, medium, and hard. Patterns include diamond, diamond/waffle, and full waffle.Amazon

Renthal is another brand trusted by many teams and professionals. Recognized for quality handlebars, sprockets, and chains, Renthal has been a market leader in motocross grips for decades. Featuring a traditional design, the Renthal Motocross Grip requires being mounted directly to the handlebar and throttle body with an adhesive grip glue to keep them secure. With different colors, compounds, and patterns to choose from, Renthal is sure to have something for everyone.


ProTaper Clamp-On Grips

ProTaper has taken the clamp-on design and built on it.Amazon

ProTaper has made its way into the clamp-on grip market offering a simple solution to the traditional grip-and-glue method. ProTaper's Clamp-On Grips utilize a mess-free system with an exclusive, super-slim Windowed Core to minimize the diameter of the grip around the handlebar. This design is made to offer the slimmest grip possible while offering superb impact and vibration damping compared to solid core grips.

Full-Waffle Grips

Scott Sports Radial Full-Waffle Grips

The Scott Sports Radial Full-Waffle Grips is tried-and-true design dating back to the 1970s.Amazon

A leader in eye protection, Scott also makes a full range of dirt bike gear, from head to toe. The brand also has manufactured grips since the 1970s. The Scott Sports Radial Full-Waffle Grips is a single-density compound with integrated safety wire channels and available in three colors: black, gray, and orange. Scott also offers the Radial Grip in a half-waffle pattern.