If you have been waiting for the ultimate, state-of-the-art motorcycle touring gear, then today is your lucky day. Brought to you by the dedicated designers of Dainese is the new Explorer line of riding suits.

If the name and the look are not intriguing enough, check this out: Dainese has been working on suits for the astronauts who will be participating in the 2030 Mars landing program. The lessons they’ve learned about comfort and how materials work with the motion of the human body are trickling into the designs of three new motorcycle suits.

Explorer gear line
Space suits developed by Dainese have informed the design of its new Explorer gear line.Courtesy of Dainese

The name of the game with the Dainese’s Explorer lineup is rider comfort. The lines, curves, ergonomic fit of the jackets and pants are being billed as forming the most comfortable gear you will ever wear. Add into the mix that each are waterproof and tailored for harsh riding conditions and what you have is a compelling reason to upgrade. But you’ll have to be patient because the Explorer line is set for release in early 2019.

Dainese has created three options (Antarctica, Gran Turismo, Dolomiti) to cover the gamut of riding conditions adventure riders can face. The Antarctica is the ultimate cold-weather ADV wear. It is aimed at the rider who plans to ride in extreme cold off-road conditions. The Gran Turismo is perfect for those riders who do their exploring from the street, and the Dolomiti is the three-season ADV-touring option.

Antarctica (Jacket $1,499.95, Pant $899.95)

“The new Antarctica Gore-Tex outfit defines a new standard for motorbike exploration in the coldest lands on planet.” —Dainese PR

Dainese Antarctica JacketCourtesy of Dainese

We’re not sure why you would want to ride in subzero temperatures, but if that’s your thing, this is your gear. Seriously though, the goal here is to give you the peace of mind that if you get caught in wet, cold weather, you will be able to survive with a smile on your face.

The Gore-Tex 45mm outer shell is thick, and it features reinforced impact areas on the elbows and knees. A series of “direct-to-body” vents offer great ventilation for when you do get warm, and the down-filled jacket liner provides that layer of insulation to keep body heat trapped inside. Other cool innovations are the Adapt pockets on the lower portion of the rider’s body that are designed to “adapt,” or move with the rider as they sit or stand. This reduces bunching and improves rider comfort. The G.O. pockets on the chest of the jacket are intended to be used for quick access for your small items, like gloves, cellphone, etc.

Antartica Pant
Dainese Antarctica PantCourtesy of Dainese

Other creature comforts include external adjustment of the Fast Fit lumbar belt and Pro Armor back protector so you don’t need to remove the jacket to make small changes. Waterproof Tizip zippers keep the water from seeping into the jacket when the vents are closed and the micro-dot construction of the abrasion-resistant impact layers are intended to help bleed off energy in a slide while reducing the chance of tumbling during the get-off. A complete set of armor helps reduce injury from impact as well.

Gran Turismo (Jacket $1,099.95, Pant $699.95)

“Based on two years of research on the lines of non-extension in the human body, it offers the maximum comfort, safety, and practicality for long-range journeys.” —Dainese PR

Gran Tourismo Gear
Dainese Gran Tourismo GearCourtesy of Dainese

The Gran Turismo suit also features a Gore-Tex 45mm outer shell with a fit designed for street riders who tend to be in the seated position for long periods of time. This is where the Mars suit design experience really comes into play. The human body has “lines of non-extension” which the Dainese design team has tailored to accommodate in each specific suit. Surely the results are subtle but should pay dividends over the long ride to your destination.

A fleece thermal liner keeps you warm on and off the bike, while the abrasion-resistant nylon shell with Amacor and Kevlar inserts make the suit durable, the CE-approved armor in the shoulder, elbows, knee, and back protects the rider from impacts. Like the Antarctica gear, the GT features the same pocket designs that help eliminate bunching and allow for easy access. This is Dainese’s premier all-weather, on-road riding jacket.

Dolomiti Gear
Dainese Dolomiti GearCourtesy of Dainese

he Dolomiti may not arrive with the fanfare of its more expensive counterparts, but it benefits from the same rider comfort fit technology as the other two suits. The Gore-Tex outer shell is not quite as thick but it features the same Kevlar-reinforced impact areas and CE-certified armor in the elbows, shoulder, back, and knees. Waterproof vent zippers are included as well.

The Dolomiti features three layers which can be configured to three different levels of protection from rain, cold, and winter riding conditions, in addition to a series of vents for when you ride in warmer climates.

If the Explorer lineup lives up to the hype, then this gear will be a significant offering by Dainese. The gear this company puts out is usually of high quality but these have the specs on paper to be something special. There is always a bit of sticker shock when you look at the MSRP of gear like this, but it isn’t close to the most expensive on the market, and when you compare it the cost of the Mars landing space suits, Dainese’s Explorer gear is a downright bargain.