Garmin Introduces New zumo 395LM and 595LM GPS Motorcycle Navigators

Features include Garmin Adventurous Routing, rider alerts, and streaming music option.

Garmin zumo 395LM and 595LM GPS system
Garmin zumo 395LM and 595LM GPS system.Courtesy of Garmin

Garmin's new zūmo 395LM (left, with 4.3-inch screen) and zūmo 595LM (right, with 5-inch screen) are intended to help motorcycle riders find the better roads between two points, plus make the ride through those areas safer with their rider alerts. Notice, for instance, the animal crossing warning on the top left of the 395LM's display.

Garmin has introduced two new motorcycle navigators that are intended to make your riding both more enjoyable and safer. Dubbed the zūmo 395LM and zūmo 595LM, the units manage that task at hand via a features list that includes everything from Garmin Adventurous Routing to rider alerts, music streaming option, and more.

A highlight feature on both models, Garmin Adventurous Riding helps determine the best motorcycling route between points A and B, that being a route that includes more curves or hills and avoids long stretches of highway. In instances where there would be hazards, the zūmo 395LM and zūmo 595LM have the added benefit of rider alerts, with each unit notifying the rider of upcoming sharp corners and animal crossing areas. In addition, the 395LM and 595LM will show nearby red light and speed cameras, plus notify riders of helmet laws when crossing state borders.

With the 595LM paired to the Smartphone link app, Garmin takes things a step further by displaying data such as live weather radar and traffic, or text messages and other app notifications on the 595LM’s larger, 5-inch transflective touchscreen display (versus 4.3-inch touchscreen display on the 395LM). Additionally, while both units will allow you to control music or media from a compatible smartphone or MP3 player, the 595LM goes on to enable streaming of music from players like Spotify and Pandora right into a compatible headset or helmet (sold separately).

Chances are you got on your bike to get away from long conversations with the better half or work-related calls, but in case you do have business to attend to mid-ride, both the zūmo 395LM and zūmo 595LM allow you to make and receive calls, and without taking your hand off of the handlebars. Additionally, spoken directions can be heard when paired with a compatible headset or helmet. Of course, for those who really want to stay connected, Garmin also has its LiveTrack feature, which enables you to share your ride so that friends can track your location. “Yes, honey, I’m really where I said I was.”

In addition to these features, Garmin says that it’s made sure to outfit its zūmo 395LM and zūmo 595LM with the same features that riders have come to expect in any of its navigation products. For the 395LM and 595LM, these include a Dynamic Fuel Stop feature, which suggests fuel stops based on the distance the rider’s fuel is expected to last; Service History Log, which helps keep bike maintenance records organized; and Roundtrip Routing, which helps riders plan their route based on time allotted, distance, or location.

Moreover, both units are compatible with Garmin VIRB action cameras, which will enable you to start and stop recording footage directly from the zūmo display screen. With the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor system from Garmin (sold separately), you'll also be able to monitor tire pressure from the same display.

The zūmo 395LM has a suggested retail price of $599.99 and the zūmo 595LM a retail price of $899.99, with both being billed as rugged and weatherproof. For more information, visit