CW EVALUATION: SportRx Prescription Sunglasses

Peak vision.

Oakley Chainlink Asian fit prescription glasses

A fundamental for safe and fun motorcycling is having a clear view of the road ahead. Even if you’re not an open-face helmet wearer, the right pair of prescription shades can make a big difference in how well you see the line threading a fast curve. SportRx is a San Diego, California-based company specializing in sports eyewear with hundreds of popular frame and goggle options. Its in-house opticians offer expertise in helping customers select the best lens suited to our favorite outdoor activities.

Although I visited the SportRx storefront, it’s primarily an online retailer. Having worn corrective lenses throughout my entire professional riding/racing career, I have a few preferences in what constitutes a suitable pair of riding glasses.

Oakley Chainlink Asian fit prescription glasses in-action

As a sportbike rider, my foremost concern is selecting a frame style that allows an unobstructed view when in the head-down full-tuck position—what I call peering through the eyebrows! Another important factor is the frame and temple/earpiece must comfortably slip into your particular full-face helmet and not lift or rattle around when experiencing helmet buffet at speed. The crux is that not all helmet interiors are similar, so a frame that fits well within one model helmet may experience interference if worn within another lid. Try before you buy. SportRx will send a selection of frame styles for you to try with your helmet, providing a full refund upon the return of those that don’t fit, and free shipping is offered.

I selected a pair of Oakley Chainlink Asian fit (larger nose bridge pads) due to the increased vertical viewing angle and good fit within the Shoei X-Twelve I wore in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Despite my prescription presenting a challenge according to my personal optometrist, SportRx nailed it with a progressive digital lens. I followed their recommendation of the Day & Night Prebuilt Lenses, a light-reactive lens that transitions from clear to dark gray and has an ultra-premium anti-reflective coating that repels dirt, oil, and water while reducing glare.

I’ve found them so comfortable that I wear them daily on and off the bike. After several months of use, the lenses remain scratch-free.

SportRx Prescription Sunglasses www.sportrx.comPRICE: $350 * Great selection, free shipping * Many motorcycle-friendly wrap-style frames * Progressive lens great for reading and riding * My prescription doesn’t work with wraparound lenses * With clear lenses, Chainlink looks like Buddy Holly specs when the lens is clear