QUICK LOOK: Four New Helmets

Two ADV lids, plus a flip-front modular and an open-face that’s Bluetooth compatible with GPS.

Shoei Neotec motorcycle helmet

Just like any touring bike, a helmet has to cover a lot of varied territory. And we all know there's no single more important piece of gear. The good news? We've never had as much selection as we do now. Here are four of our latest test lids.

Shoei Neotec

Flip-front modular helmets are popular in Europe, and Shoei’s Neotec is one of our favorites. The helmet is quiet and vents well, and an integrated sun shield flips down à la a jet pilot’s helmet. Standard Shoei fit. DOT-approved (not Snell). Helmets like this can be a great choice for riders who are living on their bikes for weeks at a time.

XS–XXL | $648.99–$662.99

Touratech Aventuro Carbon motorcycle helmet

Touratech Aventuro Carbon

ADV bikes and adventure-touring have given rise to billed hybrid helmets like the Touratech Aventuro Carbon. This is really three helmets in one: Without tools, it can transform from an ADV helmet into a face shield-less MX lid or no-visor street protection. The large faceport makes it goggle friendly.

XS–XXL | $649

Schuberth Metropoliatan 1 motorcycle helmet

Schuberth Metropolitan 1

An open-face helmet with a flip-down clear face shield and a retracting eyeshade, the Schuberth Metropolitan 1 is notable because it’s Bluetooth compatible with your GPS. You’ll need Schuberth’s optional SRC-System package, but it’s a super-clean installation; the microphones and speakers are pre-installed. Modular design lets you mix and match features for several hundred combinations.

XS–XXL | $550

Shoei Hornet X2 motorcycle helmet

Shoei Hornet X2

Cycle World's Mark Hoyer chooses the Shoei Hornet X2 as his go-to adventure/dual-sport helmet. Notable features include a new V-460 visor that's longer and wider than the previous model's. The interior liner is easy to remove and offers loads of adjustment. There's even a "cheekpad exchange program" at no cost.

XS–XXL | $594.99–$715.99

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Shoei Neotec.Jeff Allen

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Touratech Aventuro Carbon.Jeff Allen

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Schuberth Metropoliatan 1.Jeff Allen

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Shoei Hornet X2.Shoei Photo