CW EVALUATION: Seat Concepts Saddle

Disarming the weapon of ass destruction.

Seat Concepts motorcycle seat

In my quest to build the ultimate (for me) 250cc ADV Lite bike out of the used Yamaha WR250R dual-sport I bought a couple of years ago, I finally caved in and changed the stock seat for something more comfortable and supportive.

Just a few years ago, Seat Concepts was started in a Southern California garage by off-road/adventure riding enthusiasts Lendon Smith and Robert Lightfeldt. Now, it’s a very large full-time business making seats for all kinds of motorcycles.

The reason for this growth is that the seats are great. We were impressed with work the company did on our Yamaha FZ-09 long-term testbike, so I decided to try the WR250R "tall" seat that adds an inch to saddle height.

There are a variety of cover styles, colors, and textures. This is gripper blue and black, mimicking the stock seat colors.

The price shown is for self-installation of the foam and cover, but Seat Concepts will install it for you on your stock base for $20. Or, for $95 more, get a complete new seat on a plastic molded base that is virtually indistinguishable from the factory unit.

For me, the ergonomic transformation provided by the 1-inch-higher foam was equally as comfort enhancing as the shape and support provided by the nature of the foam itself. Legroom was improved for my 6-foot-2 frame, and my relationship to the bars was also better. (Stock height and 1-inch-lower seats also are available.)

The narrow cut at the front allows for aggressive stand-up riding, while the additional width at the rear let me, for example, sit down and slide back after a really long day bashing around in the Panamint Valley and cruise comfortably on the highway. Other things might keep me from riding this bike 12 hours straight, but it no longer would be the seat.

In the simplest terms, it’s a great product at an excellent price.

Seat Concepts Yamaha WR250R Tall 487-0195 PRICE: $159.99 * Comfort * Style * High value, low cost * Family/friends miss you because you’re out riding so much * No excuse to not ride the Alcan Highway