PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps

The best way to attach things to your motorcycle.

Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps

If it’s the simple things in life that make you happy, you’re going to love Pronghorn Straps from adventure luggage and equipment company Giant Loop. Its motto is, “Go light. Go fast. Go far.” and these reusable, lightweight, rugged straps are magnificent when it comes to quickly and easily securing just about anything to your motorcycle. Giant Loop claims there are a million uses, but did it count securing a surfboard or camera-mounted tripod to a liter-plus adventure bike for a 1,200-mile Baja adventure? Make it a million and two uses, at least. The super-tough stretch polyurethane straps come in three sizes and have proven to be indestructible and infinitely more useful than bungee cords. These beautiful little straps are now standard equipment in both my off-road kit and camera bag.


16-,20- & 26-in. lengths