TOOL TIME: CruzTools Speedkit DMX

CruzTools Speedkit DMX product image
CruzTools Speedkit DMX Product ImageCycle World

Any serious off-roader knows that carrying at least basic tools can be the difference between spending the night in the woods or repairing a broken machine and getting back on the trail.

CruzTools ( has assembled a new kit called the Speedkit DMX ($37.95) designed specifically for off-road motorcycles and ATV/UTVs. This pared-down kit includes vital tools to complement what you've already assembled in your fanny pack or makes up a good selection of must-haves for the trail.

Packaged in a slim camouflage-pattern pouch measuring 7 x 2 x 2 inches and weighing only 1.75 pounds, the Speedkit includes: 10 and 12mm combination wrenches; a 14/17mm open-end wrench; 8mm nut driver; five-in-one screwdriver (with precision tips); locking pliers; four hex keys (high-quality, American made), four Torx bits; two-in-one spark plug socket with handle; and a low-range tire pressure gauge. Wrenches are forged and heat-treated using chrome vanadium alloy with a corrosion-resistant matte plating; all CruzTools have a lifetime guarantee and meet ANSI and DIN tolerances.

The pouch is small enough to easily tuck into a fanny pack or hydration pack. Take the time to look over the fasteners on your motorcycle to see what you need and build your kit accordingly, but this affordable offering is a great foundation to a compre­hensive selection to repair European and Japanese machines on the trail.

In use, the tools have a high-quality feel, while the matte finish on the wrenches helps keep them from slipping out of your hands when wet, oily, or muddy. The tools fit fasteners in a snug and precise manner.

If the SKDMX doesn't meet your needs, look at CruzTools' DMX1 Fanny Pack Tool Kit ($129.95) or DMX2 Fender Mount Tool Kit ($129.95).