CW Evaluation: Forcefield Armour Blade Back Protector

More protection, less bulk.

Forcefield Armour Blade Back Protector product image

It’s common these days for a race suit, sport-riding jacket, or even general-purpose riding gear to come equipped with a back-pad insert. In many cases, the provided spine armor is a simplistic single layer of foam. How­ever, delicate vertebrae deserve greater protection than elbows and knees, so a separate CE certification has been created for back protectors.

The Blade back protector by Forcefield Armour provides CE Level 2 protection (representing the highest current standard) in a relatively lightweight and compact design offering form-fitting comfort. Made with four layers of Nitrex Evo, a high-tech impact-absorbing memory foam, the flexible Blade fits well under my race leathers and an assortment of jackets. Featuring adjustable shoulder straps and a Velcro waist strap, the Blade remains securely in place even when used under a loose-fitting coat. Adjustable elastic Velcro straps on either side of the waist provide a snug fit that has some give when taking in a deep breath or bending over to buckle your boots. The 1-inch-thick Blade is available in four sizes ranging from XS to L.

I have yet to put the Blade to the crash test. But in decades of personal racing experience, I’ve had my fair share of big get-offs, all while wearing back protection. And I have no doubt that even the crude back protectors I used back then greatly improved my odds of walking away from a crash. The Blade ups the ante by meeting the highest certification, and its better comfort and fit make it attractive for both track and street use.

Forcefield Armour Blade Back Protector in-use example
Forcefield BodyArmour motonation.comPRICE: $149 * Compact design * Cooling-vent channels and holes * CE EN1621-2:2013 certified * Memory foam takes a while to unwarp after it has been stuffed into a gear bag * Low abrasion resistance