BMW Two-In-One motorcycle gloves product image

BMW's new Two-in-One sport-touring gloves are pure genius. Two interior chambers—"Proof" and "Grip"—are clearly labeled. Slide your hand into Grip and your palm is in direct contact with highly abrasion-resistant 0.7mm-thick kangaroo leather, perforated for venting and offering excellent tactile feel. Choose Proof and a Gore-Tex waterproof interior with insulation keeps your digits dry and warm. Strategic use of padding, extra layers of cowhide, and "SuperFabric" add protection. A rubber blade incorporated into the left index finger clears your helmet visor. Function and ease of use are excellent.

BMW Two-In-One motorcycle gloves close-up

BMW Two-In-One Gloves


Sizes: 6-6.5 to 12-12.5