CW EVALUATION: Kushitani GPR 6 Race Gloves

Comfort meets crash protection.

Kushitani GPR 6 Race Glove product image

Protection is paramount in any serious racing glove, and while several sport-oriented gloves offer sufficient armor, few provide superb fit and comfort as well. Japanese riding-gear specialist Kushitani, known for producing high-quality racing suits that are as cozy as your favorite pair of pajamas, has incorporated a wealth of racing experience into the design and construction of its GPR 6 leather racing glove.

A variety of materials makes up the glove’s five layers of protection. Zylon (a ballistic fiber similar to Kevlar) is used for the mesh inner lining and stitching. Soft, supple kangaroo skin in the palm and fingers provides enhanced feel, while a leather suede patch in the palm offers improved grip. Cowhide (more durable than kangaroo) is used in most other areas of the glove, while Kushitani K-Foam (proprietary memory foam) is layered under cowhide in several critical areas, including the meaty part of the palm, for added abrasion resistance and impact absorption. The pinky and ring fingers are wrapped in a rugged exterior Zylon cloth.

While many gloves I’ve worn feature hard molded knuckle cups that frequently cause a rash, I experienced no such trouble with the soft and supple GPR 6. The glove has a flexible Kevlar panel on the back of the hand with knuckle protection built into a separate flap floating over the top. The leather flap is a layered sandwich of K-Foam containing impact-absorbing gel inserts positioned over each knuckle and the metacarpal bones.

I wore the GPR 6 at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year. My rating? Two thumbs-up. Way up.