New braking system for the BMW HP4 is designed to dramatically improve safety while braking in corners.

Ever since the S100RR was introduced in 2009, BMW Motorrad has offered ABS tailored specifically for supersport bikes. Now, BMW takes that one step further with ABS Pro, which is designed to improve ABS braking when cornering. It's a retrofittable option available only on the HP4.

ABS Pro was developed for use on public roads, where unexpected surprises are always a concern. Although the HP4’s Race ABS provides a high degree of safety when braking in a straight line, ABS Pro works its magic in corners by lessening the destabilizing forces that occur when the brakes are applied quickly in a bend. ABS Pro adapts to the bike’s lean angle, which is determined by the same sensors for roll rate, yaw rate and transverse acceleration that are used for the bike’s Dynamic Traction Control and Dynamic Damping Control. Basically, as lean increases, the brake pressure gradient is limited more and more at the start of braking. Pressure build-up is also slower, and pressure modulation within the ABS control range is more even.

BMW Says ABS Pro provides sensitive response and a high level stability, together with the best possible deceleration on bends. Of note, ABS Pro is active only in the "Rain" and "Sport" riding modes, not "Race" or "Slick," which underscores the point that the new tech is for use only on roads. BMW also warns that physics is physics, meaning it's still possible for a rider to exceed the physical limits of the bike and crash.

Nevertheless, we look forward to giving ABS Pro a try soon. It becomes available in October, priced at 380 euros in Germany.

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