Five Fast Facts: REV’IT! Poseidon GTX

This fully armored, waterproof riding jacket is never out of season, thanks to innovative features and smart styling.


Winter, spring, summer, or fall: Just like James Taylor sang, no kidding, this jacket will be there for you. Unlike other riding coats that allege all-season versatility, the combination two- and three-layer Gore-Tex shell is backed by a fully sleeved insulated liner that zips out for when the mercury jumps. Nice touch: Snaps at sleeve ends are color-coded to simplify liner installation. For hotter climes, add the accessory Challenger cool vest.

Air comes in, water stays out: Fidlock magnetic fasteners—one per panel—expose palm-sized "direct" ventilation ports, providing an unobstructed path for airflow. When the panels are zippered closed, rubber "rain gutters" seal the openings and prevent water from reaching the wearer. Plus, the fasteners are easy to use while wearing gloves. Zippered openings in the arms and upper back provide additional relief from the heat on warm days.

Punch me: Sure, the coding is a mouthful, but the CE EN1621-1-approved SaS Tec protectors are said to provide "the highest impact resistance on the market." We haven't tested those claims, thank goodness, but the molded pads are comfortable, with no sharp edges that could pinch. Adjustment straps at the forearms and biceps ensure a snug fit. Our test sample came with an optional Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector ($49.99).

Details, details, details: Tabbed collar goes both ways, with a five-way-adjustable "flexisnap" on the right side for a snug fit and a handy hook-and-loop treatment on the left for yet another avenue to enhance cooling airflow on truly hot days. A snap-down back-of-jacket pouch is sufficiently large to swallow a pair of glove liners, a balaclava, and an afternoon snack—all at once.

Get a leg up: While some manufacturers of motorcycle riding apparel mate basic black pants to more colorful and feature-filled jackets, the Poseidon GTX trousers ($629.99) mirror the jacket, right down to the colors, materials used, and top-of-thigh ventilation panels with Fidlock magnetic fasteners. Both short and long connection zippers are fitted for your choice of either a looser, more casual fit or a snugged-down one-piece feel.

The REV’IT! Poseidon GTX is available in Light Grey-Black or Black in M-XYL sizes for a suggested retail price of $899.99.

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX jacket - front view (Black)

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX jacket - back view (Black)

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX jacket - front view (Light Grey/Black)

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX jacket - back view (Light Grey/Black)

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX pants - front view (Black)

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX pants - back view (Black)

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX pants - front view (Light Grey/Black)

REV'IT! Poseidon GTX pants - back view (Light Grey/Black)

REV'IT! Challenger cool vest - front view

REV'IT! Challenger cool vest - back view

Seesoft CE level 2 back protector.