Bluepoint Infrared Thermometer - Tool Time

Bluepoint Infrared Therometer product image

There is much to be learned from temperature on various parts of a motorcycle, and one of the best ways to capture this information is with an infrared “no touch” thermometer like this Bluepoint unit (part No. RTEMPB3A, $120 from I’ve had in my toolbox for many years now.

This 6-inch-tall model measures from negative 58 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, which is good for most applications related to the work I do on motorcycles and cars.

What’s it good for? Locating a misfiring cylinder on a multi by finding the coolest exhaust header. Finding sections of blocked radiator or confirming the accuracy of the motorcycle’s temperature gauge. I’ve also used it to measure oil temperature on my dry-sump vintage bikes (just fire it in the oil-tank filler cap after a good run), and it’s great to get cylinder-head temperatures on air-cooled machines, which can be useful in diagnosing fuel or ignition issues.

And the useful laser pointer that marks the center of the area you’re measuring is tons of fun if you want to keep the cat busy during downtime.