CW Evaluation: Rekluse Core EXP Auto Clutch

Magic auto clutch for your off-road motorcycle

Rekluse Core EXP auto clutch expanded image

1) CLUTCH COVER: CNC-machined billet aluminum.

2) PRESSURE PLATE: CNC-machined billet aluminum.

3) LINING PLATE: Steel disc is sandwiched between the pressure plate and EXP disc for an ideal friction surface.

4) EXP 2.0: Key to the Core EXP is this disc, which uses sliding wedges that float on a pair of stacked ball bearings, expanding the friction disc under load. Adjustments for personal preferences can be made by swapping light and heavy ball wedges and springs.

5) DRIVE PLATES: CNC laser-cut steel.

6) FIBER PLATES: Seven friction plates.

7) CLUTCH CORE: CNC-machined, billet aluminum hub.

Stalling your off-road bike’s engine halfway up a rocky, technical climb sucks. Getting going again is often difficult and exhausting. Sometimes, it’s best to head back down the hill and make another attempt. Either way, frustration and fatigue set in.

After hearing great things about Rekluse’s Core EXP auto clutch, I decided to install one in my 2012 Husqvarna TE310 and see how it performed. Installation of the clutch and slave cylinder took about an hour and a half. Setup and break-in added another 20 minutes.

On the trail, I was blown away by how much easier the Core EXP made attacking steep, loose, rocky, and rooted climbs. I found myself riding a gear higher than usual and exerting less physical effort. I was able to improve my line choice and save energy for when I really needed it.

Engagement was aggressive and snappy, making my TE310 feel like a 250cc two-stroke. In tight woods, the Rekluse allowed brake slides into berms without clutching. I never killed the engine, and the bike rocketed out of turns. Furthermore, when I needed to loft the front wheel over a log or rock, the clutch lever felt completely conventional, which wasn’t the case on first-generation examples I’d used.

This latest Rekluse transformed my Husky from good to great. Not too many bolt-on products can do that.

Rekluse PRICE: $899 * Virtually impossible to stall your bike * Snappy power delivery * Less rider fatigue * Teaching yourself to not pull in the clutch lever * Not exactly inexpensive * Trying to explain to others how Core EXP works