Five Fast Facts: Shoei RF-1200

New Snell-certified full-face motorcycle helmet has premium features.

Shoei RF-1200 DOMINANCE TC-4 helmet product image

Compact, aerodynamic shape: New Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell is smaller and has a dramatically different shape than the previous-generation RF-1100. In fact, Shoei claims the RF-1200 is the lightest, Snell-certified full-face helmet it currently makes. It's quiet, too, though engine noises and emergency-vehicle sirens, for example, still register loud and clear, even if you're wearing earplugs.

Face shield: Shoei says the broad field of vision provided by the UV-treated, anti-fog-Pinlock-insert-equipped CWR-1 shield is comparable to a non-helmeted riding experience. Ribbing at the top and bottom greatly reduces flex when the shield is opened and closed quickly. A simple, easy-to-use GT-Air-style locking mechanism rounds out what Shoei calls its "most advanced shield system to date."

Adjustable baseplates: Shield changes take just a few seconds, thanks to a new QR-E baseplate system. When you close the shield, tiny springs built into the plates pull the shield flush against the dual-lip, dual-layered rubber window beading, creating a strong wind- and waterproof seal. Five-position dials located at the bottom of the plates allow precise fine-tuning.

Ventilation: Three-position, shutter-type chin vent is easy to open and close, even while wearing thick winter gloves, and action is positive—click, click, click. The small horizontal slider for the middle brow vent is a tad difficult to find at speed but the vent is no less effective. Incoming air travels through deep channels molded into the dual-layer, multi-density EPS liner and out four under-spoiler exhausts ports.

3D Max-Dry System II: Removable, washable interior follows the contours of your head. Second-generation Max-Dry padding is soft to the touch and said to absorb and dissipate perspiration twice as fast as other more commonly used materials. In the event of an accident, Emergency Quick Release System cheek pads can be quickly removed by simply pulling on the red tabs.

The Shoei RF-1200 is available in two solid ($485.99) and seven metallic ($498.99) colors, plus 13 graphics ($589.99) in XS–XXL sizes.

Shoei RF-1200 (White)

Shoei RF-1200 (Anthracite Metallic)

Shoei RF-1200 (Brilliant Yellow)

Shoei RF-1200 (Wine Red)

Shoei RF-1200 (INCEPTION TC-1)

Shoei RF-1200 (BEACON TC-3)

Shoei RF-1200 (MYSTIFY TC-4)

Shoei RF-1200 (DOMINANCE TC-4)

Shoei RF-1200 (PHANTASM TC-6)

Shoei RF-1200 (DUCHESS TC-6)

Side profile

Top front profile

Chin - lower vent shutter


EPS air tunnels