Schuberth SR1 Motorcycle Helmet Evaluation

Formula 1 technology for moto heads

Schuberth SR1 helmet in action
Michael Schumacher wearing Schuberth SR1 helmet.Courtesy fo Schuberth

Squeezing into the cockpit of a Formula 1 car is worth the effort—just ask seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher. The same can be said of the Schuberth SR1, a full-face, sportbike-oriented helmet based on the custom lid developed in part by the F1 legend-turned-Superbike racer.

Owing to its fiberglass Duroplast matrix over carbon-fiber shell, the DOT/ECE-approved SR1 feels extremely light. On a postal scale, our size Medium weighed 3 pounds, 4.6 ounces, which is, indeed, on the light side for a full-face helmet.

Extensive testing in Schuberth's own wind tunnel produced an overall shape designed to reduce lift at high speeds. Depending on its position, a lower chin vent routes air either onto the wearer’s face or to the sides through the cheek pads. Another vent directs air up the faceshield to reduce fogging. Top vents blow cool air across the scalp.

Even though the SR1 was unusually difficult to pull over my ears, the soft, microfiber-covered, multi-density liner was exceptionally comfortable and provided a secure fit. Better still: The shape of the removable cheek pads created a wind-tight seal along the base of my jaw, helping make the SR1 the quietest helmet I’ve ever worn. Even if getting it on is a bit of a pinch.

PRICE: $899 to $969


  • Superb German engineering and quality
  • Removable, washable, anti-bacterial CoolMax liner
  • Clear faceshield alternatives: Light Smoke, Dark Smoke or Silver Mirror


  • Dark Smoke shield too dark
  • Only two graphics, three solid colors
  • Tight squeeze: Leave earrings at home
Schuberth SR1 Helmet front profile
Schuberth SR1Courtesy of Schuberth
Schuberth SR1 Helmet exhaust vents
AIRFLOW: Exhaust vents are located in a low-pressure zone below the adjustable spoiler.Courtesy of Schuberth
Schuberth SR1 Helmet side vents
NOISE MANAGEMENT: Side vents can be opened to enhance situational awareness.Courtesy of Schuberth