CW Evaluation: Adaptiv Technologies GlowRider Jacket

A glowing review.

GlowRider Motorcycle Jacket

Adaptiv Technologies GlowRider Jacket - Product Review

It's been 30 years since Tron debuted in movie theaters, so it's about time someone made a proper light-up jacket. Possible sources of inspiration aside, Adaptiv Technologies (helping you avoid speeding tickets since 2006) is trying to get riders noticed in a different way.

The GlowRider (Neon Green or black, XS-XXXL) is a basic, three-season jacket. It has a 600-
denier polyester shell, a zip-out fully sleeved liner, front and back vents, two handwarmer pockets and removable CE-approved armor. Three electro-luminescent panels—one on the back, one on each shoulder—are set within the jacket’s reflective strips. On each arm is a smaller transparent pocket; the right one holds a removable control unit/battery pack, and the other is large enough for a cell phone. There are straps for adjusting fit in all the usual places, and the zippers are claimed to be “weatherproof.” The jacket kept one editor dry in a light rain.

Push the control unit’s on/off button and you’ll instantly find out just how bright the GlowRider’s electro-luminescent strips are. When day fades into night, the jacket casts a cool, blue hue, making you much more visible. Those strips are right about eye level for most car drivers, giving them greater opportunity to notice you. Another advantage of this active-lighting system is that you remain visible in fog and rain, when headlights become less-effective. The battery pack will keep the panels lit for about 10 hours and charges fully in about an hour.

This newcomer to the riding-jacket world has set the lighted-apparel bar high, leaving us with only one question: When do we get matching pants?


**Adaptiv Technologies

1639 11th St. #156

Santa Monica, CA 90404




• Be seen!

• Great integration for price

• Has you covered in almost any low-light situation


• No interior pockets or matching pants (yet)

• Backpacks block light bars

• Target fixation?