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Klymit Amphibian Vest

Klymit Amphibian Riding Vest

Nip in the air? Extend your riding season well into fall or even winter with a Klymit Amphibian vest ($179.95). Designed to be worn under a riding jacket, this bright-blue mid-layer uniquely uses a supplied bulb-type dry-air pump or an optional argon gas (three times warmer than air) inflator to fill its “warmth channels” and effectively insulate the wearer. Too hot? Open the valve on the left side of 
the chest to reduce volume. The Argon Starter Kit ($49.95) includes three screw-type gas canisters, an inflator, a patch kit and a stuff sack. Each canister is said to fill the vest at least twice, and the vest will remain inflated for days or possibly weeks depending on storage conditions.


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