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KOSO Instruments

Building a custom, updating a sportbike or just eager to have some cool instrumentation on your bike? KOSO could be your one-stop shopping center. For more than 20 years, this Canadian company has been an OEM supplier of instruments for a number of car, ATV, snowmobile and motorcycle manufacturers and has now moved into the U.S. aftermarket with an impressively wide range of gauges and meters in various shapes, sizes and configurations. Among the offerings in KOSO’s 72-page catalog are the $379.95 RX-2 GP-style tach/speedo that also displays several other functions, and the $239.95 DB-02R Digital LCD Meter that includes an adjustable-range bar-graph tach. KOSO also makes smaller round and rectangular digital gauges for everything from speed and rpm to engine temperature and even air/fuel ratios.

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