Must Ride Roads: Torrey to Mexican Hat - Feature

One of Utah’s best.

Map of Utah with Torrey to Mexican Hat highlighted route

Torrey to Mexican Hat map route - Utah

This is the first in a series of periodic features that will highlight a selection of the best motorcycle roads, hangouts and destinations on planet Earth. From exotic, off-the-beaten-path highways and byways that staffers have ridden to routes sourced from motorcycle touring companies or motorcycle-specific map makers to the occasional off-road/adventure trail, we will scour the planet for the top rides. We hope you will find as much inspiration in the open road as we do.

This 178-mile route through southern Utah has it all: deep canyons, remote deserts and sandstone monoliths. Must-see detours include Natural Bridges National Monument and Valley of the Gods, home of iconic western-film shoots and Wile E. Coyote. At the end of the day, enjoy a meal at the Swinging Steak restaurant along the San Juan River in Mexican Hat.


  • Capital Reef National Park

  • Hite Crossing Bridge

  • Moki Dugway

  • Valley of the Gods

  • Mexican Hat

  • Gooseneck State Park

  • Natural Bridges National Monument

This month, we enlisted the help of Colorado-based Butler Maps (, which has primarily focused on routes (with localized info) in the western United States. According to owner Court Butler, plans for expansion will include eastern states and anywhere there is a concentration of great roads.

Scenic route photo, Utah map area, elevation graph

This route is located in the southeast corner of Utah