Product Evaluation: Alpinestars Tech 7 Supermoto Boot

Replaceable pavement protection.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Supermoto Boot - Product Review

Alpinestars Tech 7 Supermoto Boot - Product Review

Isn't it always the case? You break-in a pair of boots and just about the time they're completely comfortable, your socks make a surprise appearance. In Supermoto more than any other toe-dangling discipline, boot soles suffer.

So Alpinestars introduced the purpose-built Tech 7 Supermoto. This motocross-derived, full-grain-leather boot comes with replaceable toe and heel sections—areas of the sole most prone to wear during foot-down cornering.

Gearing up to get down for the first time requires adjusting four aluminum buckles to personalize fit; after that, Alpinestars' "synch" system makes re-entry quick and easy. The sole pieces are held in place with "grip tabs" and steel Allen screws.

The very tight confines of Adams Kart Track in Riverside, California, require delicate footwork; shifter and rear brake feel are paramount. The Supermoto is stiffer and somewhat clunkier in this respect than Alpinestars' own Vector—long a favorite among CW's supermoto-loving staffers (though the Vector doesn't have a replaceable sole). The Supermoto's non-replaceable inner sole provided great grip on footpegs, and the replaceable sections smoothly skimmed the track surface.

Because of the enhanced protection, however, when cornering at deep lean angles with the boot on the peg, the wide toe would sometimes get pinched between the engine cases and track—on one occasion levering both wheels off the ground. At least they're tough: After four hours of riding, the recessed screw heads were still intact. The Tech 7 Supermotos are a bit clunkier than the Vector, but they are doing an excellent job keeping our socks on the inside.



2780 W. 237th St.

Torrance, CA 90505




  • Replaceable sole

  • Heavy-duty protection

  • Non-vented version also available


  • Wide toe drags at deep lean angles

  • No flex? No feel

  • These boots weren't made for walking