Product: Kushitani K-0563 Jacket

Kushitani K-0563 Jacket - New Product Ideas

Kushitani K-0563 Jacket - New Product Ideas

One thousand bucks. That's what Kushitani charges, give or take a few Yen, for the K-0563. That's a load of green for a plain-black, off-the-rack leather riding jacket, especially in this topsy-turvy economy. Fortunately, the K-0563 is special. Sadly, you have to slip it over your shoulders to fully appreciate just how special; this may be the softest leather we've ever felt, like silk from Holsteins. Better yet, this fluoride-treated hide, called Proto-Core, repels water, so the fully CE-armored, perforated and lined garment won't shrink to half its size following a long ride in an unexpected summer rain shower. Cleaning requires only a swipe with a damp sponge. Further proof that the K-0563 isn't for everyone: The cut is narrow, reminiscent of racing leathers, and only Japanese sizing (M, L and LL) is available. Think of it as lifetime leather.

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