Alpinestars GPX Gloves - Product Evaluation

Protect without losing touch.

Alpinestars GPX Gloves - Product Review

Alpinestars GPX Gloves - Product Review

Thick, heavily armored roadracestyle gloves with their long gauntlets and bulky security straps are no fun at the gas-n-dash, where easy-off/easy-on is ideal. Same goes for the sandwich shop, magazine rack or video store, all places where speed counts. For those day-to-day situations, Alpinestars offers a best-of-both-worlds option: the GPX.

At first glance, this short-gauntlet model bears a strong resemblance to Alpinestars' top-drawer $300 GP Tech roadracing gloves. Among the crossover features: aggressive styling, perforated leather construction with additional venting atop the beefy molded knuckle guards, accordion stretch panels on the thumb and first two fingers, and a bridge between the third and fourth fingers to keep those two digits tied together and, hopefully, out of harm's way in the event of a spill. A hook-and-loop-backed strap snugs up the logoed rubberized cuff, which ends just above the wrist, right in line with the sleeve end on many riding jackets.

A synthetic suede palm and rubbertipped fore- and index fingers provide excellent feel on handgrips, as well as on brake and clutch levers, even in the rain. When it comes to off-the-bike tasks that require fine motor skills, such as removing a gas card from your wallet or mining a pocket in your jeans for toll-booth change, the GPX likewise performs well.

Comfort and convenience along with the protection needed for everyday use on the street? We give this MotoGP offspring two thumbs-up.


**Alpinestars, Inc.

2780 W. 237th St.

Torrance, CA 90505




  • Great fit, feel and protection

  • Popular colors and styling

  • Available in S-XXXL sizes


  • Short on lower-arm coverage–by design

  • More expensive than some long gauntlet models

  • May get pinched if left laying around