Product: Renthal Intellilever

Renthal Intellilever - New Product Ideas

Renthal Intellilever - New Product Ideas

Renthal's universal-fit Intellilever is a complete clutch perch assembly with lever. What makes it unique is that the lever can pivot 90 degrees up and down as well as 90 degrees forward; so in the event of a crash, the Intellilever is virtually unbreakable. It works via a cable and spring system integrated into the hard-anodized, CNC-machined billet aluminum lever. The spring allows the lever to dislocate and then return to the original position. Yes, we tested it in numerous crashes and found that the lever disjoints and then returns. After some harder falls, the lever required the rider's assistance to move back in place. Leverage ratio and shape are similar to a Honda unit, and a reach-adjustment screw allows adjustment closer to or farther from the bar for different size hands. The standard Intellilever is $165, $180 with integrated hot-start lever. Pricey for a clutch lever, but it may be the last one you'll ever have to buy.

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