10 Non-Motorcycle Gifts for Riders

Useful gear found outside of the dealership

Sure, it seems like manufacturers like Motion Pro, Alpinestars, Shoei, and Yoshimura have all the bases covered when it comes to inventing cool stuff for motorcycles, but there are lots of great products that are highly useful that were not intended for motorcycle riders. Here is an eclectic mix of gadgets and items that we think can be great for riders but you might not have considered before.

Bike Camera

Let's just assume we all have GoPro-style cameras at our disposal. We can make amazing videos from the first-person POV and the rider's POV, but it takes a second shooter to get footage of yourself riding from the side of the road or track. Until now. For less than the price of having an actual motorsports videographer for a half day, you can get yourself a SoloShot3 and have this baby track your motions while capturing your every move on video. A very cool concept but it is fairly expensive.Courtesy of the manufacturer

Night Vision Glasses

If you ride with a tinted visor, odds are you will not have room to carry a clear lens with you on a day ride. But things happen and you can get stuck out on the road with that dark visor. If you live in a state that requires eye protection at all times (Arizona, South Dakota, Florida, etc.), then you cannot even ride with your visor up! That's why it pays to have a pair of cheap glasses in your pack or tank bag just in case.Courtesy of the manufacturer


After decades of riding motorcycles my hearing has deteriorated to some degree. Tinnitus? Check. Selective hearing? Check. Do I wish I had worn earplugs for the first 10 years of my riding career? Yes, I do. Don't fool yourself with the notion that you can't hear the engine, wind, cars honking, or Bluetooth speakers in your helmet. You will and you can. Use earplugs, folks. Do it now!Courtesy of the manufacturer

Wet Wipes

They aren't just for babies anymore! Check out this version of the wet wipe called Dude Wipes. They can be used to clean your hands after a roadside repair, wipe down your ugly mug after a hot, sweaty day, or, gasp, clean your unmentionables after an emergency bathroom break.Courtesy of the manufacturer

Latex Gloves

These thin, cheap little gloves can serve so many purposes for a motorcycle rider. You can keep your hands clean while doing roadside repairs or keep bodily fluids off your hands in an emergency. They can also add a layer of insulation when worn under your regular riding gloves if you get caught in the rain or cold. Ball a pair up in a jacket pocket; they take up no room at all and you'll be glad you have them at some point. Latex gloves, your new best friend.Courtesy of the manufacturer

First-Aid Kit

Crashing sucks. We all know that is a fact. But it doesn't have to be a complete disaster if you can take care of the injuries and get yourself to safety. The IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) is typically worn on your ankle but it can be tossed in a backpack. Since motorcycle crashes can be ugly, it's a good idea to be equipped with some type of blood-clotting agent as well. Every law enforcement officer in the US wears these because they are invaluable to those who put themselves in harm's way.Courtesy of the manufacturer

Blood Clotting Agent

Injuries happen, so it is best to be prepared. Luckily emergency kits can come in pretty compact packages making them great for motorcyclists, but perhaps one thing that might be lacking in those packs is a blood clotting agent. This pack from Celox contains five easily portable sterilized and sealed packs that are easily opened—that’s important when in a panicked pinch. Courtesy of the manufacturer

Cellphone Mount

I would prefer to tell you to leave the phone in the tank bag, but that's because I'm old. However, phone holders these days allow us to use our smartphones as GPS, Bluetooth-enabled music players, and many other useful arguments you can come up with. For less than 20 bucks you can safely travel with your phone right in front of you on just about any location on your bike you can imagine.Courtesy of the manufacturer


This useful light is great for so many reasons. It can be used for roadside repairs. It can be used as a light if you are riding off road and get caught in the dark (I've done it and any light is better than none). They range in price, lumen, and size so you can pick the one that suits your needs. Just keep in mind that brighter is almost always better and you get what you pay for when it comes to lights. Products from manufacturers like Surefire and Streamlight are proven durable, and they are tested on the battlefield so they should be fine for us.Courtesy of the manufacturer

Base Layers

Under Armour, Nike, and many others are making excellent base layer options that motorcycle riders should wear all the time. The offerings include sweat-wicking material, compression materials, insulated versions, and many more options.Courtesy of the manufacturer

Dust Mask

This is more for the off-road crowd than the street riders, but here's the deal: We ride in the dirt and it gets dusty. Dust sucks. Especially when you're riding in large groups on on well-used dirt roads. Dust masks incorporate some serious technology these days. They are tight fitting, washable, and they can eliminate even the finest silt-dust from the equation.Courtesy of the manufacturer

This list is not all-encompassing and there are a multitude of products that are invaluable to riders. Let us know the top goods that you have found useful over the years in the comments.