Beautiful Coffee-Table Books About Motorcycle Travel

Hardbound books to inspire two-wheel wanderlust.

Most coffee-table books are just supposed to be pretty, something you and your dinner guests thumb through for a few moments of analog distraction. Mostly, they’re light on substance. But when the subject is motorcycle travel, they can’t help but be inspiring. Photos of dreamy faraway vistas, of muddy tools splayed out in the grass, of meager meals shared among friends… Is anything more inspirational? Bring the romance of motorcycle adventure travel into your living room with these beautiful books, written and photographed to remind you to get off your couch, suit up, and go for a ride.

Two Wheels South: A Motorcycle Adventure from Brooklyn to Ushuaia

Are there less stressful ways to travel so many miles? Probably. But 30-year-old BMWs do the job with a verve and aesthetic purity few can rival.Amazon

Two friends, two airhead BMWs, and a trip across the Americas into Patagonia and the southernmost city on the continent: If that doesn't conjure dreams of adventure, we don't know what will. Beautiful photos and words by Matias Corea detail the trip, how to plan for such an adventure, and how to fix what goes wrong along the way.

Ride Out! Motorcycle Road Trips and Adventure

Sometimes discovering where you want to go is the beginning of adventure. Pique your appetite with these epic rides.Amazon

A collection of routes from across the globe, Ride Out! showcases the varied beauty and unexpected wonders discoverable on two wheels. There are maps, points of interest, and enough beautiful photographs to make you wonder what you're still doing sitting on your couch. Bonus points if you follow the maps yourself.

Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection. Three Years. Five Continents. One Motorcycle.

If leafing through a book about motorcycle travel isn’t guilt-inducing enough for the Doritos-munching couch potato, mating a cookbook to the travel narrative should do the trick.Amazon

Author Allan Karl pulled up his tent stakes and embarked on a three-year motorcycle trip through 35 countries. The book's title playfully refers to "forks in the road" and celebrates the literal and figurative crossroads in life and travel. It also references the eating utensil. The book includes authentic recipes from around the globe, like shakshouka from Israel and magwinya—a fried treat similar to a donut—from Botswana.