New Ideas: Dion Device Pro

Dion Device Pro

New Ideas: Dion Device Pro

In 2005, Max Mercier, the son of three-time Canadian Superbike Champion Michel Mercier, was killed when another roadracer accidentally clipped his brake lever, sending the teenager over the handlebars. Designed by Stephane Dion, a friend of Mercier’s, the Dion Device Pro is intended to eliminate those types of accidents by preventing direct contact with any part of the lever by another vehicle. Manufactured of 7075-T5 aluminum and fitted with Heli-Coil inserts in the lower mounting clamps and an adjustable carbon-fiber deflector, the Pro bolts to the right handlebar left of the throttle housing and above the brake lever. To prevent your hand from becoming trapped in a crash, the spring-loaded guard will swing forward before returning to its original position. The Dion Device Pro ($299; black, blue, gold or red) weighs 6.3 ounces and is said to fit the majority of late-model sportbikes equipped with most aftermarket clip-on-style handlebars.

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In-action: Dion Device Pro

Dion Device Pro in-action