Best Enduro Bike: Husaberg FE570S - Ten Best Bikes 2011

Off-road ready and packing a plate.

Best Enduro Bike: Husaberg FE570S

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Best trend in dirtbikes at the moment? Race-ready enduro motorcycles made to squeak through federal road-legal regs so that the knobby-shredding fun never has to end. No “enduro” this year epitomized the racebike-with-lights ethic better than Husaberg’s FE570S. Not only can the FE take to asphalt legally whenever necessary, this 565cc fuel-injected beast also has the power to conquer about anything in the dirt, while it’s innovative “upside-down” engine layout allows the big 570 to handle with the ease and agility of much smaller, lighter machines. Sure, this ’berg could have been named Best Dual-Sport, but it happens to be a true killer enduro. The license plate is just a bonus.