Best Motocrosser: Suzuki RM-Z450 - Ten Best Bikes 2011

Suzuki’s MX/SX title winner gets another trophy.

Best Motocrosser: Suzuki RM-Z450

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After Yamaha’s YZ450F toppled the Honda CRF450R last year, all bets were off. Now, it’s anyone’s game at the starting gate. This year, Suzuki put all the pieces together to make the RM-Z450 the most-well-rounded MXer of 2011. Previous RM-Zs steered beautifully, but their less-than-perfect suspension action held them back. For 2011, Suzuki not only has an incredible-handling bike, but the Showa fork and shock are now on par with the best. Add to this crisp and controllable power and you have the top 450cc powerplant of the year. Awesome chassis and a great engine? Sounds like the Best Motocrosser of 2011.