Sidi Sport Rain Boots - Product Evaluation

Preventing the agony of da feet.

Sidi Sport Rain Boots - Product Evaluation

Sidi Sport Rain Boots - Product Evaluation

When your feet are cold, wet or uncomfortable in any way, so are you. That makes a strong case for always riding in top-quality boots that keep your tootsies in a good mood and help prevent their injury in case of a fall.

Sidi’s Sport Rain boots fill that bill to a T. These beautifully constructed street boots have outers made of Lorica, a man-made material that looks and feels like leather but is tougher, lighter and more water-resistant. A compression-resistant composite inner sole sits atop a grippy lugged outsole, and a Teflon-treated fabric inner liner adds to the boots’ water resistance while allowing feet to breathe. Internal stiffeners aid toe, heel and ankle protection, and a zipper-and-velcro closure system ensures a snug fit.

Thanks to their soft, perforated liner and removable arch support, the Sport Rains are easy on the dogs. Break-in takes longer than average, due to the thick sole and rugged construction, but feet stay comfy and dry, whether on long, hot rides or cold, rainy ones.

Though the boots clearly earn the “rain” part of their name, the “sport” designation is questionable. The aggressive sole provides excellent traction on all kinds of terrain, but the lugs on the edges tend to hang up on footpegs when you’re moving around on a sporty bike, and the stiff construction makes it difficult to execute delicate moves with the shift and brake pedals. On a cruiser or touring bike, however, where foot-control tap-dancing is not usually an issue and footboards are more common than footpegs, the Sidis are right at home.

And your feet? They’ll be thrilled any time they’re along for the ride.



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Santee, CA 92701




  • Top-quality construction

  • Excellent foot protection

  • Keep feet warm and dry


  • Clunky for walking around

  • Long break-in

  • Not all that "sporty"