Best Touring Bike: Honda Gold Wing

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2007.

Best Touring Bike: Honda Gold Wing - Ten Best Bikes 2007

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Make all the jokes if you must–it’s a two-wheeled motorhome, half a car, a bike so big it has its own zip code, blah, blah, blah. But whatever wisecracks the Gold Wing might evoke, there is no better way to “get away from it all by taking most of it with you” on two wheels than the big GL. The flat-Six motor is velvety-smooth despite having locomotive-class power, the aluminum-framed chassis delivers amazing handling for a bike that weighs a six-pack short of 900 pounds, and there are enough creature comforts on board to keep even the crabbiest of riders cozy and content over the long haul. In addition to models with ABS, GPS and a premium audio system, there’s even one equipped with an airbag. Whether you’re traveling cross-country or merely across town, the ’Wing is the way to fly.