Best Cruiser: Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2007.

Best Cruiser: Harley-Davidson Fat Boy - Ten Best Bikes 2007

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It’s gotta be frustrating if you’re a competing bike-maker chasing after Harley-Davidson for a share of the lucrative cruiser market. Just when you think you’re close, Milwaukee takes its most popular cruiser and strokes its fuelie motor an extra 134cc, resulting in a gain of 3.5 hp and, more importantly, 12 foot-pounds of torque. Next it gets a smoother-shifting six-speed transmission and a light-effort (two fingers!) clutch pull. And who decreed that cruisers have to be uncomfortable? This one has a nice, natural seating position, like sitting on the world’s best-sounding dining-room chair. Hunker the whole thing down on lower, wider radial tires and just like that–17 years after its introduction–the Fat Boy is a Ten Best winner.