Best Sport-Tourer: BMW K1200GT

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2007.

Best Sport-Tourer: BMW K1200GT - Ten Best Bikes 2007

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It's hard to figure out what the K1200GT can't do. Its 150-plus-hp engine is capable of breathtaking acceleration, and its sophisticated shaft-drive chassis (with available adjustable-on-the-fly suspension) is fully at home decimating the backroads, droning the interstates or anything in between. A highly protective full-coverage fairing, an electrically adjustable windshield, a cushy dual seat and spacious, quick-detach saddlebags provide all-day or all-week comfort and convenience. You can complement the basic package by choosing from a mile-long list of options that include heated seat and grips, cruise control, GPS navigation, Xenon headlight and stability control. Sport-touring can be the most challenging segment of the sport, since it tries to combine the best from opposite ends of the streetbike spectrum, but for the K1200GT, it's a no-brainer.