Best Standard: Triumph Tiger 1050

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2007.

Best Standard: Triumph Tiger 1050 - Ten Best Bikes 2007

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It hardly seems plausible that the comparatively small bike-maker from the British Midlands should keep cranking out the hits like it has over the past several years. And yet, here is Triumph, once again. Last year, we were still high on tire smoke and wheelie-induced oxygen depravation caused by too much hooliganism on the Best Standard-winning Speed Triple. This year, we continue the very antics, only now we’ve got a fairing and increased comfort! Seriously, the Tiger 1050 takes the same three-cylinder engine bolted into a new chassis and impresses with its versatility, fun and excellent performance the first time you throw a leg over it. And with optional hard saddlebags in place, it continues to impress thousands of miles down the road.