11 Great ADV Jackets

Suit up for adventure

There are more than 11 adventure jackets that are worthy of making this list, so we are showcasing the best of the upper end and middle-of-the-road gear. We will not delve into all the minutia and PR speak that makes for a boring read either. This will be a quick peek at jackets that we have worn or that have been recommended by ADV enthusiasts.

Klim Dakar

This is the entry-level ADV jacket offered by Klim. It is simple yet incredibly durable.Courtesy of the manufacturer

I personally have put thousands of miles on my old Dakar and, with regular cleaning, it looks as good as new. It is designed to be a warm-weather garment, so it doesn’t have the full suite of internal waterproofing and liners. The reason it is on the list is the combo of 420-denier Cordura construction with 840-denier reinforcement in the high-abrasion areas. The arms are articulated so they don’t bind when in motion and the stretch zones are more durable than the body of most jackets at the same price point.

Moose Racing Expedition

Racing Expedition
This is probably the most off-road-focused jacket on the list.Courtesy of the manufacturer

It is a basic design that looks great and fits even better. It makes the cut because it features the D3O armor components, has a fleece collar, and has articulated arms for comfort when you are in attack mode. The chassis of the jacket is waterproof and incorporates seam-sealed stitching to help ensure the raindrops don’t drizzle in when in wet weather.

Firstgear 37.5 Kilimanjaro

This is the latest evolution of the proven Kilimanjaro jacket.Courtesy of the manufacturer

The 37.5 moniker is a fully integrated waterproof barrier that makes this jacket so special. It is both breathable and waterproof which is a great combination for a jacket that is intended to be a four-season setup. It has D3O molecular armor at the elbow, shoulder, and Evo T5 back protector. This armor made a name for itself around 2010 with its ability to be flexible until impact—at which point it becomes hard and dense to absorb the hit. A neoprene collar, three interior and five exterior pockets, under-helmet rain hood, articulated sleeves, and provisions for using heated gear are just the tip of the goodies this jacket offers. Add into the mix the stylish construction and laundry list of additional features and what you get is the latest and greatest of the legendary Kilimanjaro.

Dainese X-Tourer D-Dry

X-Tourer D-Dry
Think of the X-Tourer as a blank slate, ready for you to incorporate the rest of the armor, hydro pack, and other goodies that you believe you need to be an ADV superstar.Courtesy of the manufacturer

What Dainese gives you is a stylish starting point that looks like a million bucks and provides the tough, durable base that will last longer than you will.

Scorpion Yukon

This is the best off-road jacket Scorpion has ever built.Courtesy of the manufacturer

It falls right in line with the other big-buck gear on this list because it has so many features it would sound like an infomercial if we spilled them all out here. Basically, the proprietary 500-denier Exo-Dry chassis is reinforced with 1,680-denier panels in impact areas. Only CE-approved armor is used in the Yukon, but it could be worse—like no armor. The jacket is well vented, has nine spacious pockets (four of which are waterproof), burly zippers, and it looks like everything else Scorpion builds: awesome in its own unique way.

Alpinestars Andes Pro

Andes Pro
This is one of the best all-around values on the list.Courtesy of the manufacturer

It boasts many features of the more expensive jackets and has a proven track record among the ADV crowd. The Andes Pro chassis is built from Drystar waterproof material and has CE-approved armor in the elbows and shoulders with compartments for both chest and back protectors that are sold separately. I recommend getting a set of D3O to replace them as it's the lone flaw in this setup. Contoured sleeves keep it comfortable in the riding position, and is compatible with Alps' proprietary airbag system. It even has an LED display integrated into the sleeve that works with the Tech Air. You want state-of-the-art protection?

Rev’It Cayenne Pro

Cayenne Pro
This is the second generation of the popular Cayenne series and it fits right smack dab in the middle of these other great garments.Courtesy of the manufacturer

It is designed as a modular starting point that can have any number of Rev’It Extras added into the mix. You can incorporate the Adventure Neck Brace, Hydra Bag, or Challenger Cooling Vest into the jacket at any time. This jacket is usually a little on the fitted side, so if you are on the fence, go with the larger size.

Klim Latitude

Klim's Latitude features a chassis constructed of 840-denier Cordura and Gore-Tex with goat leather trim and integrated armor system.Courtesy of the manufacturer

The armor is D3O Evo in the shoulder and elbow, it includes a Viper Stealth back protector, and all of the protection pockets are adjustable so you can get the pads to rest right where you need them to. It has six ventilation points, a pair of arm and chest intakes, plus the proprietary Klimatek stretch panels are nearly as tough as the shell.

Rev’It Poseidon GTX

Poseidon GTX
This is billed as a premier ADV jacket that features a waterproof three-layer Gore-Tex outer shell, effective ventilation system that utilizes inner liners, and magnets to keep the vents aligned and functioning at all times.Courtesy of the manufacturer

It uses SAS-TEC armor in the elbows and shoulders but no spine protector despite having the sleeve built in. This jacket receives rave reviews across the board too.

Klim Badlands Pro

Badlands Pro
The third generation of the Badlands Pro brings you the toughest jacket Klim has ever produced.Courtesy of the manufacturer

Karbonite 500-denier ripstop exterior shell is super abrasion resistant, and uses epoxy dots integrated into the material that reduce friction to help you slide in a crash, rather than snag and start tumbling. And as it is with any great high-end jacket, it uses Klim-specific large, vented D3O armor in the elbow, shoulders, and back. Keeping your cool is the second most important improvement of this version, so the vents are strategically placed throughout. The arms are pre-curved, and the jacket has Klimatek stretch panels, a kidney belt, and multiple internal and external pockets along with a hydration bladder compartment.

Touratech Companero World2

Companero World2
If you are serious about the sport of ADV riding, then you might as well take on the responsibility of buying a jacket like the World2.Courtesy of the manufacturer

Designed exclusively by Touratech founder Herbert Schwarz, the Companero is basically a mesh jacket with CE-approved armor with an integrated Gore-Tex Pro Shell rain jacket that can be zipped over the mesh when you find yourself in bad weather. The mesh unit features a removable backpack that doubles as storage for the outer shell or simply use it to hold a hydration pack…or even both. Whatever you do, make sure to check out the entire list of functions on the Touratech site so you can decide for yourself if it is worth the extra money.

So there you have a great starting point for the best of the ADV jackets on the market these days. There are many other jackets that can be worthy additions to this list, but these are the ones that we have found work great. These are companies that we feel are leading the way in the areas of rider comfort and protection, and in the end that is what these jackets are all about. They will protect you from the elements, save you during a crash, and keep you comfortable during those long, grueling days in the saddle.