BEST CRUISER: Indian Chief Classic

The Indian Chief Classic reigns supreme as the best cruiser motorcycle for 2015

Best Cruiser: Indian Chief Classic

Not always American but certainly inspired by the country where "laid back," "long and low," and "bottom-end torque" were invented. Read MoreJeff Allen

You might think we’re taken by the style of the Indian Chief Classic, with its vintage lines, abundant chrome, and beautifully valanced fenders. Guilty as charged. But the Chief is also a mechanical gem, based on a rigid aluminum chassis and an air-cooled Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin that’s always relaxed, whatever the situation.

Instrumentation is simple, and the riding experience is excellent, with more cornering clearance than you’d expect of a cruiser with floorboards. This Iowa-built Indian Chief Classic oozes refinement and style, and all it takes is one ride to understand the warm reception the marketplace has given to one of the best cruiser motorcycles of 2015.

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