Colin Edwards' 10 (or so) Commandments

Tips to ride like a world champion.

Colin Edwards
Colin Edwards

Here are some of the main technical points offered by the Texas Tornado Boot Camp, which you get to apply with great repetition at the school with tons of seat time.

1. Eyes up! Look where you want to go.

2. Smoooooth inputs are key: slow on the gas, gentle-onset braking.

3. Blend brakes and throttle to minimize the time from off-brakes to on-throttle... which leads to finding neutral throttle. Advanced technique: Crack the gas open before you're all the way off the brakes.

4. Throttle control keeps the chassis steady! From off-throttle to pinned is one constant motion. Once you're opening the throttle, neutral is okay but rolling off is a no-no.

5. Elbows out for maximum control, and grip the throttle like a screwdriver, not a caveman club.

6. Scoot to the front in the turns, sit on top of the bike and understand why Valentino hangs that inside leg off: It's a balance pole.

7. Compress the fork with the brakes and your weight to steepen rake and make the bike want to turn. In the dirt, use both brakes in every corner.

8. Push the bike down while keeping your spine perpendicular and shoulders parallel to ground; again, we're sitting on top of the leaned-over bike. (Body position in the dirt is the only thing that doesn't transfer to roadracing.)

9. Weight that outside footpeg!

10. Slow down to go fast. (This doesn't work for really slow people, who should attempt to go faster.)

11. Relax. You're not really rolling 'til your TT-R is rocking. Your bike will tell you when you're on the edge, but you can't feel it if your body is ultra-tense.

12. Keep close track of your tire pressures but even closer track of your opponents' tire pressures...