50 Years of Manliness - Feature

Cycle World has been macho for 50 years. Here’s proof.

50 Years of Manliness - Feature
50 Years of Manliness - Feature

They didn’t call ’em the Swingin’ ’70s for nothing. Or was that the ’60s? Never mind. At the confluence of those decades, the dawn of the most recent Sexual Revolution was taking place concurrently with the beginning of the Great Cruiser Schism: The Suzuki GS550E was just beginning to sprout such vestiges as a stepped seat, mag wheels and a pullback handlebar as it segued toward what would later become the 550L “Low Slinger.” Sassy indeed. The confusion of roles precipitated by these turbulent times was reflected in the fashion choices available in our advertisements. One could go clean-shaven in the morning and goateed in the evening, and affordable “leathers” became available in a plethora of styles. Why not build a helicopter? Flying instructions included. The sky really was the limit.

Risque ad for motorcycle helmets
Safetech helmets risque magazine ad
Magazine ad for fake facial hair
Fake facial hair magazine ad from Cycle World
Magazine ad for building a helicopter
Build your own helicopter magazine ad
Black leather magazine ad
Magazine ad for black leather motorcycle jackets and more
Vintage magazine ad for the Suzuki GS-550
Suzuki GS-550 vintage magazine ad