Meet the New Guy - Feature

Cycle World welcomes Thomas Kinzer.

Thomas Kinzer - Cycle Word's Digital Editor

Thomas Kinzer - Cycle Word's Digital Editor

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest addition to the Cycle World staff, Thomas Kinzer, our new Digital Editor. If it's related to pixels and CW, he's involved.

While Kinzer is an ex-IBM IT geek, we let that slide because he’s been a lifelong motorcyclist who got his start on dirtbikes camping with his family. And also because he chucked IT for a digital marketing job at Red Bull, working with all sorts of two- and four-wheel motorsports (plus airplane racing).

Somehow he’s managed to survive both being an air-traffic controller in the Marines and years of riding hardtail deathtraps like his old ’74 iron-head Sportster with a 12-inch-over Denver springer front end. On the motorcycle front, Kinzer later took up building and restoring unit Triumphs and deeply regrets selling his ’69 Bonneville, but he takes solace in the 1000cc-kitted boom of his ex-LAPD ’78 Moto-Guzzi T3 ratbike. That’s been his commuter, long-distance tourer, home-beer-brewing-supply getter for the past eight years. His final, and perhaps most admirable, qualification is that he does not own a car. But we also like him because he claims he’s “The guy you want to know when the Zombie Apocalypse comes.”

In all seriousness, Kinzer arrives with loads of experience building and managing websites, plus working in social media, making him a very strong addition to the CW team.