Husqvarna Streetbike - First Look

BMW-owned Husqvarna is developing its first modern streetbike.

Husqvarna Streetbike - First Look

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A long time has passed since Husqvarna V-Twins stormed the roads of Sweden. In fact, for many years, the company was best known for its two-stroke enduro models and motocrossers. And while Husqvarna has had success with its new-generation four-stroke engines and pavement-biased supermoto bikes, the company doesn't currently offer a true road-only model.

Husqvarna's ownership by BMW is about to change all this. At Husky's headquarters in Biandronno, Italy, engineers are working on a special version of BMW's parallel-Twin—specifically, the F800R—that will power Husky's return to the tarmac.

The engine has already been extensively modified to bump displacement to 900cc and achieve the kind of performance that the team of German and Italian technicians responsible for the project has set as its target. In the process, the engine has lost some weight and received a new airbox and exhaust system.

All this is reported to have generated a highly spirited package capable of great flexibility and linear response in the lower half of the torque curve and plenty of power on the top end. As for the bike itself, expect an agile all-rounder capable of smoothly trotting around town and zapping twisty backroads.

Husqvarna's street plans were evident in the single-cylinder SMQ and three-cylinder 1003 concept bikes unveiled at EICMA in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Though an association with BMW's F-series Twin remains visible, a new sidecover and—most importantly—a classic "Husqvarna Red Top" cam cover make this new 900cc version easily identifiable as a Husqvarna.

005 Husqvarna SMQ Concept

004 Husqvarna 1003 Concept

003 Husqvarna Engine

002 Husqvarna Engine

001 Husqvarna Engine Design