Watch The New Triumph Bobber In Action

This was what I needed to get me over the hump

If I'm being completely honest, I thought the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber was trying way too hard when we first started to see spy shots popping up earlier this year. The bike was officially unveiled yesterday, and so far it's received really positive feedback—but I still haven't been sold.

Until today, that is, when I saw this promo video Triumph released. Sure, the bike is still trying pretty hard and sure, the video is trying waaaay too hard. But seeing a rider on the bike, the way he fits on it and the height of the bars and way he fits with the tank and on the seat; it makes me really like what Triumph have done with this. Obviously, it would still need a fair bit of customization, both because most stock Triumphs do and because I would feel like kind of a poser on a bike that looked custom but was bone stock. But, overall, I think Triumph has done an exceptional job with nailing retro in a way that still feels current.

You can bet it's going to be a battle for who gets to ride this thing first here at the Cycle World office.