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Watch The Exact Opposite Of Road Rage In This Near-Collision And Realize We Can All Do Better

Videos like this shouldn’t seem so foreign

What drives someone to share a video on YouTube? Often it’s because the video is entertaining, interesting, unusual, informational, or different than something you see every day.

And, when it comes to motorcycle crashes or near-crashes, the videos posted are either gruesome or funny (in the case of the crashes), or involve big, funny, or violent reactions (in the case of the near-crashes).

This video is none of the above. It doesn’t include a crash, an explosion of anger or road rage, or anything of real interest or information—but it is absolutely unusual.

Instead it involves two people making mistakes (which we all do), and then owning up and apologizing and showing care for the other’s well-being (which we don’t all do).

I don’t know whether to be more happy that this is how this incident turned out, or sad that the video struck me (and 308,000 people before me at the time of this) as so unusual that they wanted to watch it. Maybe more of us should own up and say sorry because less road rage is best for everyone.


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