Video: John McGuinness Onboard Footage from 2016 Isle of Man TT Qualifying

Volume up, please

Footage from the Isle of Man TT gets better every year, and this clip of John McGuinness tackling a small portion of the Mountain Course is proof.

The video, shot during Monday's Superbike practice/qualifying, is about as clear as you can get from a fist-sized camera strapped to a stupid fast Superbike. We watch it and feel like we're there. Only we're not, obviously, because otherwise you'd hear a deafening scream rather than that beautiful exhaust note and pop of the engine as McGuinness works his way back through town on the CBR1000RR.

McGuinness, the current Isle of Man TT outright lap record holder, with a 132.701 mph average lap made in 2015, makes it all look easy. And even if he was "only" third fastest on Monday, with a 128.871 mph lap, this clip is nothing short of jaw dropping. All Isle of Man clips are. Just watch the way the bike moves around. How it picks the front up at will and slides at the exit, all the while McGuinness methodically works his way past traffic.

Watch it and be amazed.