Watch Valentino Rossi and Brad Baker Go Head-To-Head at Rossi's MotoRanch

That's what you call fast company

MotoRanch with Sammy Halbert and Brad Baker​

MotoRanch with Sammy Halbert Racing and Brad The Bullet Baker VR46 Riders Academy Official

Posted by Valentino Rossi VR46 Official on Friday, December 9, 2016

If you equate the road racing world to middle school, then Valentino Rossi is that kid with the cool toys and awesome house that you’re constantly finding an excuse to go hang out at. “Hey Billy, let’s just go work on that class project at your house.”

The difference, of course, is that Valentino Rossi’s MotoRanch has a multi-configuration flat track circuit on it and Billy only had a trampoline. And, well, that Rossi's friends are all umpteen amounts faster than 99 percent of the general riding public.

Most recently, Americans Brad Baker and Sammy Halbert had the chance to go over and play at MotoRanch, and Vale’s team launched a video from the day. In it, Baker appears to give Rossi a run for his money, but ultimately comes up short after getting loose on what we're told is a pretty tough track to get the power down on.

Even if Rossi won (I've never actually seen VR lose on his own track), is there any small chance the Italian didn't use the day to pick up a few flat-track tips from Baker and Halbert? I doubt it. That's what having friends is for.

That, and borrowing houses.