This Ten Year Old Just Landed His First Of Many Backflips

As if we already didn't feel bad enough about our dirtbike skills

Danger Boy Deegan
Dangerboy Deegan earned that nickname fair and square.Photo from video

When I was ten years old, I was playing with Marvel action figures and building forts. But then again, my dad was a writer and a comic nerd and my mom, a school teacher. Apparently though, if my dad was freestyle motocross rider, Metal Mulisha founder, and all-around badass - I'd be doing back flips on a dirtbike. Or at least that's what I like to tell myself.

Haiden "Dangerboy" Deegan is going to be an absolute stud on a motorcycle. Hell, he already is one. I've been following his Instagram account for a while now, watching as he's mastered his KTM 65 and worked towards getting on an 80. Over the past year or so, Dangerboy went from being a cute little MX kid to a proper ripper and, when he isn't learning to backflip, he's focusing on racing techniques. If I could put money on it, I think we'll see him dominating the Supercross area in a few years.

His dad, Brian Deegan, is one of the founders of Freestyle Motocross as we know it. He's one of the founders of Metal Mulisha, a group of dudes who rode together and created a clothing brand and style around the freestyle mx movement in Southern California. His career began like his son's likely will, racing Supercross. Deegan famously ghost rode his bike across the finish line for a win at the LA Coliseum in 1997, though his racing career never really took off. Deegan moved from two wheels to four in 2009 when he began racing rally cars, and today he races in a huge variety of various off road racing series.

So it's no huge surprise that, with dirt tracks in your back yard and a garage full of toys, young Deegan is pretty good on a dirtbike. But I don't think anyone expected him to be this good, and it's that talent and the work ethic he's so obviously putting in that makes him so fun to watch as he grows up.